Suns out, park picnics, small gatherings and Christmas with your immediate family is on the cards.

Usually when December comes we are literally pushing ourselves across the line on the 25th of December but this year we are doing things on a small scale with a whole lot of love.

This year one thing we are sure of is that we’ve have plenty of time online to work out what we want.

Our hopes and dreams for the future holiday season and the year ahead will be full of reasons to feel good.

We all cannot wait to go to our favourite restaurant, cannot wait to hit the beach and cannot wait to see our families faces whilst clinking champagne.

We have been in anticipation for this all year and now that it’s officially summer and we are officially planning things we will need to feel good about where we are going.

We all know that retail therapy is the best quick fix so lets see what we have in store on this momentous occasion.

Let’s picture our first location – a beach weekend. Air bnb with your closest friends, aperol spritz and the beach a lazy 10 minute walk away. You’ll be needing a new summers dress of course and you can’t forget that easy slide sandal.

You’ve got to make sure this sandal is the perfect combination of style and comfort. Thinking along the lines of one you can also look good in whilst you sip your Aperol Spritz.

Something I think we all are embracing is park picnics and if your not then I think you should give them a go – vitamin D, laughter, speakers and copious amounts of delicious cheese!

In order to have the best experience you need to make sure you’ve got the right equipment – picnic rug, sunglasses, the best cheese and of course the right outfit.

Aim for an outfit you can be comfortable in; flowy mid length dresses are perfect and you’ll be looking for a shoe that combines comfort, style and functionality.

Something that’s easy to slip on and off, is soft for walking and has an accent of metallic for a slightly more dressy look.

No matter what, on Christmas Day we want to dress up. Whether it be a new pair of Christmas earrings, a new printed dress or some new season wedges. Espadrilles are once again the flavor of summer and who can go wrong with an espadrille and frock combination.

A New Years Eve stand up cocktail party looks like it’ll be the go and let’s just find another excuse to bring in a new outfit. This time we all need a heel that’s perfect for standing all night in and catching up with friends you didn’t see all year. Comfortable, style and a reasonable heel height is all you will need!

Can a woman ever have enough shoes? The answer is obviously not and this summer we need more shoes than ever.

We’ve been #stayinghome all year and now we finally have places to go so why not go to these places in complete style.

Happy holidays everyone!