Lifestyle has never been more important. Who would have thought that the footwear industry was prepping for a lounge-wear pandemic.

Sneakers, sweats, rubber soles, printed tights and harem pants. The casual sneaker has been topping the sales charts for decades and today it’s become more than ever the go to shoe. We all need a shoe that makes our day easy. Slip it on and never take them off. Lace them up for your morning coffee run, click on into your zoom with a dress shirt on the top and sports luxe on the bottom or mask up for your daily dose of sunshine with a friend. “I didn’t take these shoes off all day! They are so comfortable and versatile.” I heard one girl say.

This pandemic has brought on the need for comfort in many ways. Whether it be throw rugs for a comfier couch book read, a new top of the range desk chair to get you through your 9-5 or the softest squishiest insole for your new shoes.

We have all looked for something to make this experience a little more bearable and in essence more comfortable. For a shoe the importance of soft materials, squishy bouncing insoles and an outsole that flexes has never been more important than now.

Let’s get one thing straight – when we say comfort, we don’t mean that we are happy to forget all things style. Above all things the consumer hasn’t lost sight of what they want most – to look and feel great.

The consumer wants to walk all day and look good all day.

The funny thing is, this is actually achievable.

Covid has brought out our stylish casual sides to the extreme.

We hybrid printed leisure leggings with dressy leather jackets and pair back a satin flowy skirt with white tennis trainers.

Dress and casual has finally collided and how can we ever go back to being zipped into tight high-rise jeans and squished into pointed pumps? The answer is – we won’t and can’t.

What has enabled us to bravely wear our dresses and suit blazers with sneakers? Well, the lifestyle sneaker isn’t a track shoe – it’s a “lifestyle” shoe. It has a dressier vibe and picks up accents of dress in clothing.

Also in addition – a hint of a trim, animal prints, luxurious materials and metallic accents has been a way to make a runner look a little more suitable with a dressy look.

Brands continue to do this more than ever and will inspire us to have more excuses to dress up in your sneakers. Why not feel comfortable for an entire night out?

Covid has brought on more of a reason to be comfortable with our reasons for leaving the house being less about our favourite venues and more about a walk to the shops or a casual catch up walk with a friend.

As life goes back to normal – we will never lose sight of the importance of looking after our feet, the people around us and more importantly ourselves.

We will never forget the shoe that makes us feel and look good.